thread: 2005-05-10 : How Do You Design a Mechanic?

On 2005-05-12, Michael S. Miller wrote:

Hi, Neel.

You’re looking in the wrong end of the telescope. In Nobilis, the whole Hollyhock God = GM bit was done for artistic effect, to *acknowledge* that there are real people—people who have a spark of divinity within them—making these stories and build upon that fact to make better stories. (whether it succeeded in this goal is another matter) IIRC, doesn’t the full-chapter example of play in Nobilis talk about players and GMs and give them names?

What’s being discussed here is not blurring the line between player and character, but saying there is ONLY character and ignoring the character—“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” THAT is what is dysfunctional.


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