thread: 2008-09-23 : Nonformalism?

On 2008-09-25, Brand Robins wrote:


Interestingly, once upon a time Mo and I were working on a game called Beautiful Losers for the same group we play Dogs with. One of Mo’s big ideas for the game, based partly on Crime and Punishment and partly on Polaris, was to have these big character sheets that sit on the middle of the table with all sorts of sliding scales on them that are marked with buttons or coins or something. A big part of the resolution of the game was tracked by moving those buttons around the scales to show what was going on, so that everyone could see the character’s internal state sitting there on the table, and so that you could engage with mechanics without ever breaking flow.

We never got around to full playtest with the game, due to various things, but I just remembered that I was always kinda if-so-maybe on the whole thing but that Mo and the other two immersive type players in the group were ALL ABOUT IT. Like, as soon as we’d tell them about the idea or show them the sheet they’d get all crazy happy about it.

So yea, I guess more finger games really is a thing to look into.


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