thread: 2008-12-04 : Traits Before and After

On 2008-12-05, Ron Edwards wrote:

Hi there,

The way I’ve been thinking about it, and tried to phrase it, is to include the “plausible future of penumbra of the current events” (good phrase) as part of “before.”

I did that because I don’t think I’ve ever seen play which absolutely, unswervingly adhered to the ideal (?) of “you can’t have it unless you play it first,” particularly with things like Traits as we’re discussing the term. Maybe with metagamey bonus dice or something like that, but not with rock-solid, on-my-sheet, I-am-fast material.

So the grey area begins not with “I did it” vs. “It’s obvious that I’m doing it or am about to,” but rather the boundary of plausibility, referring specifically to your phrase.

Sorry to be terse; I wanted to give a real-life example but am being pre-empted by children ...

Best, Ron


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