thread: 2008-12-04 : Traits Before and After

On 2008-12-05, Ron Edwards wrote:

Hi Ralph,

As I was thinking of the terms (or pseudo-terms), that’s After with a “imagine it yourself” or “optional to describe” clause.

I guess the point of After, again as I’m tentatively trying out the idea, is that you get to call in the Trait (very almost) no matter what. The only real limit would be resource-based, if a given game has one.

It ties into Markus’ concern with his Pool/Boba Fett example, in that he couldn’t figure out some way that the character *wouldn’t* always use that Trait. That’s because he was playing After and the player realized she’d just grab that one because it was big.

(There were other issues regarding basic SIS stuff in that example, but this one ties in too.)

Best, Ron


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