thread: 2008-12-04 : Traits Before and After

On 2008-12-09, Emily wrote:

Good stuff, folks. In the threads and here.

“Before”=“fiction constrains Traits”

“After”=“Traits constrain fiction”

Using traits at the moment of invoking mechanics creates a pinch point. The trait enters in, or not, as a filter for past and future action and as a “yes/no” switch for mechanical effect. They inform our play in many other ways before and after this as well.

A problem Markus talked about in his first thread makes me think of some serious questions that have been raised about reward cycles, and the blanket use of them. Incentives are going to be used if offered, and lining them up with fulfilling story is not guaranteed, as he found. Care for the fictional impact of traits can fall by the wayside very easily in the face of mechanical effect.

I am going to follow up on the links Ron posted on the functions and characteristics of characters. I’ve been thinking about that a lot.


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