thread: 2007-08-24 : Poison'd errata and Q&A

On 2009-12-30, Vincent wrote:


Ignore everything this thread says about Xs… In fact, the bulk of this thread is about the ashcan, isn’t it? So treat this whole thread as unreliable.

About fighting mob to mob:

When the captain hands dice to the other players, remind them that (a) if they hold onto the dice instead of rolling them in for the captain, they get Xs, and (b) if they roll the dice in for the captain, they’re fighting, and they have to use or lose all the Xs they’ve accumulated.

If the PCs are strongly united and have a store of Xs, yes, they can take on a much bigger enemy and expect to win. That’s fine! That’s the ideal case for the PCs. I think that what you’ll find in play is that the PCs never really get their ideal case.


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