thread: 2007-08-24 : Poison'd errata and Q&A

On 2010-03-20, Lord_Pengallan wrote:

Hey Vincent! Where are you? I hope you aren’t kidnapped.

I played your game and i think is a little bit difficult to used to playing it but maybe was because we aren’t natural english speakers. But, anyway, is a great, funny and interactive rpg. I like it. But i have new questions.

Only for be sure, the flashbacks can?t come in the middle of a fight, right?

In the plamphet, you start saying than the GM throw away one die before rolls in the succes rolls. After, you say the GM throw away one die and, after the roll, one succes and finally, you say the GM throw away a succes. I did the last, but can you to clarify this?

And the last, i first thought the highest puntuation for stats is allways 8, but last reread the pamphlet (nice by the way) i’m not sure. Once the game start, have a maximum for stats?



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