thread: 2007-08-24 : Poison'd errata and Q&A

On 2010-03-20, Vincent wrote:

I thought I answered some of these! I guess not.

comment 49: When PCs fight as part of a mob, you’re allowed to hurt them commensurate to the mob’s loss. Being a member of a losing mob can count as taking a deadly wound, for instance. The players can spend Xs to avoid it.

comment 50: More or less, yes.

comment 51: Any fight.

comment 52:
1) GM’s choice.

2) Yes.

3) Yes. It might affect the ship’s and company’s profile, but probably won’t.

4) The question is, can Captain Rutherford, RIP, still choose to withhold the pirate’s soul from a roll? It depends. Ultimately it’s up to you as GM, case by case.

comment 53:
1) GM’s call.

2) GM throws away one success, after the roll.

3) Once the game starts, there’s no imposed maximum for stats. Since there are only 8 sins, the maximum for Devil is 8. There are 13 things to suffer, so the maximum for Brutality is 13. There is no maximum for Ambition.

comment 54: To close from long range to broadsides without fighting, you must endure the other ship’s cannonade as you close. The ship’s captain must roll to endure it, as it’s the ship that suffers for it.


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