thread: 2010-11-15 : Scifi vs Horror x3

On 2010-11-16, Joshua A.C. Newman wrote:

I was going to say you were wrong about The Word for World, but now I realize that I’m thinking of City of Illusions which, ironically, features an enormous forest. I’ve gotten an almost constant stream of recommendations for The Word for World is Forest, though.

2nd versus: the Social Issue is intimate, not societal. In horror, we’re looking at a person or a 1-on-1 relationship, not a society. Where the shock illuminates an issue in society, the horror illuminates the inner workings of one person or the inner workings of one person’s relationships.

Ha ha! I just wrote yesterday that, in Shock: an Issue is something that affects at least three people, specifically because that’s the population at which you start to have politics.


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