thread: 2011-09-07 : Trad vs Indie: FIGHT! pt1

On 2011-09-07, Joshua A.C. Newman wrote:

Something that struck me at Rym and Scott’s “Beyond D&D” panel from two PAces back was that when Rym said, “Some games don’t have GMs at all!” there was a palpable *gasp* in the room.

It feels like we’re retreading old topics, but that doesn’t mean everyone has heard the subject matter, even.

When Jack Graham, Luke Crane, and I did “How to Get What You Want Out of Your GM” and I said, “GM is a set of responsibilities and rules you get to play with, but there’s no reason those rules all have to be followed by the same player, least of all the ones that aren’t fun to do at the same time,” a bunch of hands shot up. One vocal individual said that he, as GM, doesn’t have to play by rules, and “If the players do x, then I have to do y”. I asked, “Did you just make an if/then statement?” People laughed. When Luke said that GMs are players and have to follow rules, we literally saw subconversations begin in the audience.

It’s a new way of thinking to a lot of people. Don’t get tired now, just as folks are starting to listen!


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