thread: 2011-09-07 : Trad vs Indie: FIGHT! pt1

On 2011-09-08, Jonathan wrote:

There was also the inevitable thing where we’re are a lot more familiar with what the trad guys are up to—because they make some of the biggest games in the world—than they are with all the stuff happening in indie games.

I wanted to talk a little bit about really experimental design work—again, trying to play to the indie developer crowd—and the examples that got mentioned were Fiasco and Happy Birthday Robot. Sure, they have some experimental aspects, but I was thinking more about the less structured, emotionally experimental stuff influenced by Nordic larp and Jeepform or recent Game Chef games that challenge some of the remaining assumptions about the structure of play.

So, in some ways, I felt the pull of focusing on subjects that everyone could talk competently about, which I think is another reason that the conversation got pulled towards publishing.  It was great meeting Mike, Erik, and Wolfgang, but I wish we could have dug deep into designing a fantasy adventure game or something else where we all have shared interests and experiences that’s still design-oriented.


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