thread: 2011-09-07 : Trad vs Indie: FIGHT! pt1

On 2011-09-08, Alex D wrote:

“Then we have our 4 well-informed and excited ambassadors talk about how Jeep and Nordic larp, for instance, are taking on trite content; how the Cel*Style publishers, for instance, are taking on the oppressive social footprint; how the Forge diaspora and the OSR, for instance, are taking on counterproductive procedures of play; and how Failbetter and Elizabeth’s company, for instance, are taking on the problem of the microaudience.”

Dang, I’d be all over that panel, it sounds great!

Can you talk a bit more about how the paragraph I quoted fits together? If here’s not the place, maybe in another post. I actually think I’m picking up on what you mean by “trite content” and how Jeep and Nordic larp have been responding to that.

But “oppressive social footprint”, “counterproductive procedures of play”, and “microaudience”, and how Cel*Style, Forge/OSR, and Failbetter/Elizabeth’s company are dealing with those things, respectively, I really don’t know.

I can draw my own conclusions and infer, of course! But I’d like to see you unpack these in a bit more detail, if you might. They’re probably painfully obvious!

- Alex


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