thread: 2007-08-24 : Poison'd errata and Q&A

On 2012-06-13, Fallout_Monkey wrote:

Hi Vincent,

another couple of questions for you:

1)You say in the spending Xs section of the rules that killing an NPC outright “affects the GM?s dice if the NPC is part of a mob you?re about to fight.” Then in this thread you say that means the profile might change.

The only time I see this happening is if the leader of a mob is killed in which case the PC’s mob automatically wins the fight anyway because as you stated in my previous question without a leader the mob becomes individuals.

Is there other reasons that the profile of a mob would change?

2) Is a PC mob always 6 profile?

3)In Dogs you handle escalating from fists to guns, but in Poison’d you didn’t seem too. What methods have you used when both sides are in a fist fight and one side pulls a knife/sword/gun or calls in a couple of his buddies to mob the other guy? Do you force the players to spend Xs equal to the number of levels changed(i.e. Fist to Mob = 4 and Knife to Sword = 1) but they stay on the same escalation level?

I thought initially when I read the rules this would be handled by suffering the consequences of the fight and immediately starting another, for example take a deadly gun shot to pull a pistol shoot your opponent, but you said in this thread that shouldn’t happen because if they surrender they can’t keep fighting.

4) In a three way fight, does it work as normal just with two losers?


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