thread: 2013-06-20 : The Sundered Land

On 2013-07-11, Gordon wrote:

(aka GcL) OK, I’ve no quarrel with dismissing the “should spell out assumptions” crticism, at least in the form I’ve most often seen it. But exactly how we manage anyway is, for me, both incredibly interesting and a crucial issue in design and play.  If participants add nothing to the (clear and sufficient) goals of Doomed Pilgrim, I’m bored.

Of course, “add nothing”==“not playing”, really.

And maybe that’s what’s bothering me a bit - of course you know this, and of course the game is about a LOT more than just “your goal is to kill the pilgrim.”  Saying “your goal is to kill the pilgrim” like that’s all there is to it may be true, in terms of the rules-based game text goal; but in terms of why I’d even be interested in Doomed Pilgrim, it’s an outright evasion.  Possibly a useful evasion, but an evasion none the less.


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