thread: 2013-06-20 : The Sundered Land

On 2013-07-13, John Mc wrote:

Gordon, let me know if this tracks with your thoughts at all.  I’m thinking there is implied or hidden goals/content.  I’m not complaining and I don’t think it invalidates the focus on the DOOM, but this talk has me questioning myself.  Vincent, let me know if this doesn’t jive with you:

Doomed Pilgrim does not instruct the “world” players to “make the world seem real”, “say what honesty demands”, or invest themselves in the story in any way.

I posit that these goals can (but do not always) conflict with the goal of seeing the pilgrim to his doom. 

Furthermore, I believe that some degree of the above or some similar manner of thing is implied or perhaps unimplied but a good idea.  Am I wrong?

The primary goal is of course seeing that Pilgrim to his doom.  But speaking for myself, I’m also going to show off for my friends.  If I’m telling a story (even part of one), I’m always going to try to entertain my audience.  So that’s a goal I bring to all roleplaying games.  Is it out of place here?  Because it *can* conflict with my goal of Dooming the Pilgrim.  It mostly won’t, but it can.  Right?


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