thread: 2013-06-20 : The Sundered Land

On 2013-07-13, John Mc wrote:

Gordon“I mean, it is entirely fair for Vincent to say that if you (as the World) choose something else over dooming the pilgrim, you didn?t follow the rules.”

I don’t think that is fair.  The rules clearly imply that this question: “If I haven?t gotten away, I?ll have to fight. Have I
gotten away?”  can result in the Pilgrim getting away.  If that isn’t a valid resolution, why is it part of the rules?  How can it be a valid resolution if Dooming the Pilgrim is an unbreakable rule zero?

The rules for the Butcher give an example of questions with pre-baked in answers.  These rules spell out what happens when the world chooses not to doom the pilgrim.  It implies that there are valid reasons why the world might not.

Or is that just error handling?  ;)


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