thread: 2013-06-20 : The Sundered Land

On 2013-07-13, Gordon wrote:

John Mc: Well, the game depends on you not having 100% knowledge of what the other “side” is gonna do.  Just because the pilgrim might get away doesn’t mean he’s going to.  Did you pursue the goal of dooming the pilgrim? OK, good enough.  I’m willing (even eager) to grant that expecting such is fair.  Dooming the pilgrim isn’t an unbreakable rule - pusuing that goal is. By my thinking, that’s just the start - all the reasons why you choose to leave bigger or smaller (by your perception) opportunities for the pilgrim to continue, how exactly you define “doom”, what language you are willing and able to use effectively in your answers - those kind of things, and the not-“doom the pilgrim” goals that drive them, are the meaty/interesting stuff.

Vincent:Am I wrong in considering that “you should pursue the goal of seeing the pilgrim to his doom” IS a rule?  Acuz other than that possibilty (correlated with the unbreakable rule thing I think I adressed above), I’m not seeing a mess-up.  I’m open to a clue-by-four, of course.


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