thread: 2015-03-30 : Dirty Tricks in My Games

On 2015-03-30, Vincent wrote:

Caitie: Oh but hey, here’s a bizarre thought. What if it’s okay to be spoiled?

Here’s my guess: If I play your game on the “unwitting” side, I’ll still find it scary, if the other players make it scary. And if they don’t make it scary, I won’t find it scary, even if I wasn’t spoiled on it beforehand.

I base this guess on the fact that the last time I sat down to watch Lake Mungo, I got too scared and turned it off before the halfway mark, despite the fact that I’d seen it twice before and totally knew everything that was going to happen. That movie just scares the crap out of me.

What do you think? Could you run a casual test, play it once as intended and a second time with all spoiled players, and compare?


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