thread: 2015-03-30 : Dirty Tricks in My Games

On 2015-03-31, Gordon wrote:

Vincent: Oh, no, I’m 100% sure there’s no ethical consensus. But ... so? I think there are ethical issues, and I do kinda think that in a design that includes people without their knowledge and/or consent, a designer owes those issues some attention.

So, for focus, I guess I wonder if you’re looking for examples of how designs have handled that? (Brenda Romero’s Train has “there’s only one copy of this game, and I or a representative are always there when it’s played.”) Or looking to offer a further opinion than “make it work for the game” - which YES, but then what? Or ... something else?

If not ” ..don’t be jerks,” then what DO you say? (I’ll check to see if I can find an answer in Murderous Ghosts).


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