thread: 2017-06-07 : Failure in RPGs (by Paganini)

On 2017-06-07, Ben wrote:

I feel like the example you describe is a classic case of “Yes, but…”  and not really an example of failure at all.  In this case the group made a ship design roll, and didn’t succeed very well.  So they got a boat, but it was unstable.  mechanically it feels like something that should be managed by a condition (say the boat has the condition “unstable” or “fragile” or something).  Now they’re in the boat carrying the “unstable” condition, so whenever something happens that the GM (or players) think is affected by the boats instability, the condition could be used as justification, or as a modifier to a roll, etc.  You could also build this into a point design system (take the “unstable” flaw for your boat, get 2 extra points to spend on “fast construction” or whatever).


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