thread: 2017-06-24 : Roleplaying is a Conversation?

On 2017-06-25, Paul T. wrote:


That’s a pretty interesting question. On the one hand, a chess game is certainly an interactive activity between two people. On the other hand, it certainly isn’t a *literal* conversation (for instance, it’s entirely possible to play postal chess, or chess against a computer), and it doesn’t meet the criteria for a story game or RPG (there is generally no shared imagined space).

It occurs to me that a roleplaying game which can be played without speaking to each other (or typing, or otherwise communicating verbally) COULD theoretically be possible. Now that would be a truly fascinating design challenge!

I can’t think of any existing game which already does that, however.


This makes VB go "There are a number of non-conversational rpgs..."
...Arguably including all larps, and definitely including solitaire rpgs.

This makes PT go "Good point! I've participated in a "silent" LARP before (no speech)."

This makes GcL go "Conversation with the designer"
Arguably, a solitaire RPG is an indirect conversation with the designer. I'm not sure I WANT to argue that, or at least not strongly, but ....

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