thread: 2017-06-24 : Roleplaying is a Conversation?

On 2017-07-21, Roger wrote:

This makes me think some things.

1.  A conversation between whom?  The obvious answer is the players, but I feel like that might not be the whole story.  I could be wrong though.

2.  There’s an old joke in computer programming:  “You can write BASIC in any language.”  The parallel here—“You can play D&D in any game.”  Some conversations are more or less easier to conduct, but they all CAN happen.  I think.

3.  Asymmetrical conversations happen all the time.  I think it might be the more common mode, now that I give it some thought.

4.  Hey, remember our old pal Egri?  This marries into Premise really seamlessly.


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