thread: 2005-09-22 : Executive Decision, the RPG

On 2005-09-24, Ninja Monkey J wrote:

Can we write a game where your stats are:

Steven Segal Dying


I think we could make a lot of money for the Red Cross.


This makes XP go "I'd pay to play SS's death"

This makes Matt go "next game chef?"
or maybe next Ronnies?

This makes BL go "Why the hate of Steven Segal?"
Other than the really bad movies, I mean...

This makes XP go "Bad movies is about it."
I don't know the man personally, he might be very cool.

This makes NinJ go "Crap movies with crap acting and crap morals..."
... and then there's this assheadery that ices the shitcake. I don't have any personal hate for the man. I just think he's a really stupid symbol.

This makes BL go "Huh"
I guess I just don't hold a commercial artist's work against them personally. I imagine he does what he has to do to make money. And, yeah, Tibetan Buddhism is a very strange religion.

This makes lpl go "Because he sucks?"
E.D. is my favorite Seagal movie of all time, because he got top billing and then gets killed right away!

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