thread: 2005-12-01 : Sing-along Time

On 2005-12-01, Clinton R. Nixon wrote:

I’m so glad he’s posting these. I wish I could say I knew they were coming, but I didn’t.

Without spending some time with me, it’s hard to get how incredible those first days on Gaming Outpost and starting the Forge were for me, how much they meant to me, and, really, how much I miss them all the time.

Ron taught me that I can build stuff. That’s pretty unrepayable.


This makes TC go "I remember when..."
I remember back when Ron wrote the Nuked Apple Cart for RPGnet and System Does Matter at Gaming Outpost (I think). I just dismissed him then as a pessimist. I wish, I wish, I wish I had paid more attention. I'm lucky to have found the Forge and I salute you (Clint) and Ron for husbanding it so well all these years. -Troy

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