thread: 2005-12-01 : Sing-along Time

On 2005-12-02, Curly wrote:

Judging by the Forge-replies, the Euros are worried Ron’s fascist.
Will he bother to deny it?
Others are worried they’ll be judged unfit by the Revolution.

Duke it out, volunteers.

I feel more like Yossarian the draftee.

Maybe if I get ambitious, I’ll pull a Humphrey Bogart/Milo Minderbender/Lando Calrissian & open a profitable backroom casino under your noses. Games games games!  Win a chunk of your hard-earned territory fair & square—playing poker.  Then sell out?
The most-hated names in rpgs are all rich, I’ve noticed.

I watched ‘Reign Of Fire’ recently.  Vincent = Quinn. Ron = Van Zan.

Most rpg geeks think that Dragons are kinda kewl.


This makes BR go "BRILLIANT!"
Quinn, Van Zan... my Lord, it's even better than the Hastur/King in Yellow analogy.

This makes Chris go "Rich? Huh? Elaborate please."

This makes Curly go "Hated Rich = The Big Booths at GenCon"

This makes RE go "Makes no sense"
Ryan Dancey and Peter Adkison are both OK by me. Most of those big-booth guys, though, are broke. I shit you not.

This makes JB go "Yup."
I mean, look at those huge frickin' booths. That shit ain't cheap. Their margins are worse than ours, folks.

This makes TC go "See..."
And this is why we have the nice grassy parks that the soldiers in the blasted landscape want in on. They see the margins we can achieve on a small plot of land and they want in on it. Thus the occasional visit by an Emissary.

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