thread: 2005-12-01 : Sing-along Time

On 2005-12-02, Ron Edwards wrote:

The Euros may be forgiven for thinking an American war-themed story has fascist underpinnings, especially in this day and age.

However, if they look at my imagery a little more carefully, and think back a few decades, they may see some other things.

Think of the opposition to Franco during the Spanish Civil War, especially the many volunteers from around the world, as well as the Basques of that time.

Think of the Ossis defying the Stasi by marching in the streets of Leipzig. (My apologies in advance to those citizens of the former DDR who resent the term “Ossi.” As I see it, it deserves respect.)

Think of Che Guevara. For Americans, try just for a minute, very hard, to remember that the Viet Cong were human beings.

Heh. You guys are only waking up now to where I’m coming from?


This makes Curly go "BENEVOLENT Dictatorship"
Fascist in a good way.

This makes XP go "Wir Sind Das Volk!"
And they call us Wessis, too, so that's ok. My grandparents, parents and their friends used to call them Zonis (i.e., people from the Soviet Occupational Zone).

This makes RE go "XP, email me NOW"
Seriously, I have some very important news for you

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