thread: 2006-01-05 : I suspect but can't prove...

On 2006-01-05, Vincent wrote:

The thing about Capes and Engel Matrix Games is that someone else reaching in and screwing with my character is optional, and the social pressure on everyone else to respect my ownership of my character outweighs the system’s offering it.

It needs to be non-optional, the way you can’t play Capes with a GM.


This makes NK go "YMMV, I guess"
...when I played it, everybody was positively hopping to do stuff like make characters fall in love or commit murders or try to usurp Cardinal Richelieu. I thought most people would play it that way, honestly.

This makes VB go "Capes or Engel Matrix?"
Most people might. In which case: awesome! I want more!

This makes NK go "Engle Matrix"
...I still need to play Capes.

This makes BL go "My Capes experience..."
Is that in high-level play character control is pretty much pointless. All trying to own your character will do is run you down.

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This reminds SF of Capes killed "My Guy"...