thread: 2006-01-05 : I suspect but can't prove...

On 2006-01-07, Vaxalon wrote:

Everway is an excellent example of what I’m talking about.

During the character creation process, the other players offer all kinds of suggestions to the owner of the character, which he has the power to accept or reject.

I don’t think you can argue that this is not true!

You want to take away that power.  You want to give back the power to do the same thing to another person’s character.  My response is that what you want to give back isn’t as valuable to me as what you’re taking away because I don’t own that other person’s character.

“Here, I’m going to take away the remote control for the TV in your house, and I’m going to use it from outside your house to change your channels when I want to.  Since I’m such a nice guy, I’m going to hand you the remote for the TV in my house.  See?  Fair exchange.”

Fair, probably, but not an exchange I’m interested in.  My remote is more important to me than yours.

And your arguments about the remote not being mine?  I’m not convinced.  I’m in a couple of IRC games with some of you guys… show me in Mike Holmes’s HQ game or LX’s Everway game or the new Skype Nine Worlds game that I’m wrong.

Now if the characters are created, at the beginning, as a collective, where everyone contributes a bit to each character, and where the responsibility for deciding what the character does is likewise shared and/or competed over, this power sharing is less of a problem; instead of sitting in my house defending my TV remote, we’re a gang of kids who’ve stolen all the remotes, clicking channels through the windows as a group.  That model doesn’t have the power sharing problems that I’m talking about.

The problem THAT model has is


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