thread: 2006-01-05 : I suspect but can't prove...

On 2006-01-07, Joshua Kronengold wrote:

Can we separate the question of influence (or rather, power) and portrayal?

In the control (trad style, whatever; it’s a useful example), I think shared ownership is largely a matter of veto, in the same way that player-campaign ownership is largely veto.

But how much can/should you separate out control of a character from portraying it?  On the one hand, the tradition of the player portraying a character also having the lion’s share of control over it makes for an immediacy of decision and helps avoid the character doing or thinking things the player is not comfortable or capable of portraying.  On the other, it artificially limits the ability of players to collaberate on the story, as well as potentially reducing immersion in styles of characters that rely on controlling other characters (espers, persuasive types, etc).


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