thread: 2006-01-05 : I suspect but can't prove...

On 2006-01-10, Drew_rrr wrote:

Hi Vincent.
I want to ask about this and make a comment:

Vincent said: Imagine that you get to portray your character, same as always. But imagine that I get to say what your character’s Spiritual Attributes are, and when they go up and down, and when they change.

I’m currently running a game which is half my own invention grafted onto another system.  Basically the bit I have invented consists of a character having psychic powers: telepathy, clairvoyance etc, which they can ativate and use pretty much as they wish.  The flipside is that as they open their consciousness out to the world to psychically sense others, the world + dog seeps back into their now open mind.

They way I’m trying to make this happen in play is that the player portrays their character but other players can dictate to them what emotions their character is starting to feel.

Currently I as GM am simply stating what I feel is an apropriate emotion, however I want to formalise this into some kind of system to the extent that all other players can input what the character is experiencing from without.  It’s still up to the player who “owns” that character to choose how to portray it of course.  Now this also has an effect on the character’s mechanical ability to effect change in the game world, as the other players can cause the affected character to have bonuses/penalties based on feeling angry/scared/pained whatever.

It’s not quite someone else changing your Spiritual Attributes, but once formalised it should be more like the ability to give someone a scene length temporary instinct or trait in BW.

I’m wondering if this is getting near to what you are talking about?


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