thread: 2006-01-11 : Two kinds of me

On 2006-01-12, Ninja Monkey J wrote:

This is the weirdest conversation I’ve ever seen here.

Vincent: Game design theory is theory for game design.

Some people: I’m not a game designer, but I like you! Why can’t I be here?

V: If you’re making things with this theory, you’re a game designer and no one said you couldn’t be here.

SP: I’m not a designer, but I want to be here!

V: Then you won’t benefit much.

SP: But I want to be here!

V: ....


This makes TC go "Hang out..."
Some people just feel the need to have a place to hang out. They look at the blogs as a bunch of social clubs. In a way I can see it when we talk about our personal lives. But in the end, this blog and many others are about helping designers design better games. They aren't for drinking coffee and socializing.

This makes NinJ go "Yeah, that's what Story Games is for."

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