thread: 2006-01-12 : A third kind of me

On 2006-01-12, Tom wrote:

Yeah, but see, three years ago you would’ve been one of those freeform fundamentalists that everyone hated.

That’s why we love you Vincent, you’re on the cutting edge of what’s currently misunderstood and despised in RPGs.  All the hip kids want to be like you.

“The GM doesn’t run the world and you don’t own your character.”
“Commie Pinko Hippy!”

*six months later*

“Yeah, so we pushed GM-less, player-less play into our d20 game.  I’m getting some resistance, but ownerless play the only way to have a proper game.”
“What?  Naw, dude, if something in the game isn’t owned, isn’t wholeheartedly owned, then it really isn’t in the game at all.”
“Fascist Dictator!”


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This reminds SLB of HHOS