thread: 2006-01-12 : A third kind of me

On 2006-01-13, Levi Kornelsen wrote:

Hang on, I think I just got it.  This takes an example, bear with me, if you would.

——-The Example——

I’m fiddling with a game where players make up a story, taking turns - it’s not a RPG, but it’ll serve.

A round starts with one player narrating a bit of story.  Others then respond, like so:

Yes, That’s Right: This response is simply a way of ‘passing’ to the next player, skipping your turn in this round.  When you make this response, the leader of the round must pay you one authority chip, if they have any.

Yes, And Also: This response is used to indicate an addition.  The player sating it may continue speaking, adding a single idea to the sentence already in play.  This response doesn’t cost or gain the speaker authority.

The Way I Heard It: This reponse is used to indicate a change to the story; you may carry on speaking and make change one thing in the sentence orginally given or in any addition - however, your change cannot invalidate the rest of what has already been said.  To use this response, you must pay one authorityto the leader of the round, and one to each player that has said “Yes, that’s right” in this round.


Now.  If I’ve got it, “The way I heard it” supports strong Push.  “Yes, and also” suppots weak Push.  “Yes, that’s right is neutral”.

A Pull response would be “Was there more?” - asked of another player, and giving them the opportunity to pay you one authority to make another “and also” statement.

Like that?  Or am I still lost?


This makes BR go "Sounds good"
Also, if you -- at the end of your turn -- said "and also" and then passed off so the next guy was expected to add something and couldn't just leave what you said alone -- that'd be good hard pull.

This makes JK go "Yes"
There's pull here, but it's implicit -- if you build your lead or modification in such a way that it encourages someone to add something, you're using a pull ephemera. But the game doesn't have pull techniques. Actually, a nice soft pull technique would be if the leader could stick a "prize" on the first player to add something appropriate.

This makes SDL go "Engle Matrix Game?"
Is what this makes me think of. Fits~

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