thread: 2006-01-12 : A third kind of me

On 2006-01-13, Brand Robins wrote:

And because I seem in danger of destroying yet another of Vincent’s threads….

Five years ago I believed it was the GMs job to control the game and act both as the social, rules, and story arbiter for the game. I was very good at moving my players about, manipulating their emotions, shaving their heads, making them cry until they crawled under the bed to hide, and considered this the best that game could hope to provide.

I also was a big liar shit, as I often pretended to use rules that I was really just ignoring to add credibility to my forcing people around and to make my players feel like they had a choice in what they were doing.

I find it hard to concieve of anything more macho-bully than what I was doing back then. I got people at my table and beat them round and round the rock, and then made them like it.

Yet now I always get players telling me that I’m mean and push them around without mercy. When I am giving them all the power and just watching as they ram into the world at top speed.


This makes SLB go "Ah yes, the John Wick "play dirty" approach."

This makes BR go "Yet amusingly..."
when a GM tried Wick's "black stone" technique on me it made me do the most dysfunctional thing I ever did in a game as an adult.

This makes WMW go "Oh, so you can dish"
it out but not take it, is that what you're saying? :P

This makes BR go "Pretty much"
I was a munchkin bitch

This makes WMW go "Been there. Like here better."

This makes BR go "No joke."
Now days no one acts like dick around my table. Including me. I like that.

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