thread: 2006-01-12 : A third kind of me

On 2006-01-13, Jim Henley wrote:

I find it hard to concieve of anything more macho-bully than what I was doing back then. I got people at my table and beat them round and round the rock, and then made them like it.

Brand, yes, a certain style of Illusionist GMing is, in Song of Ice and Fire terms, a bizarre amalgam of Gregor Clegane and Varys the Spider. But in that style the idea isn’t “Let’s you and me fight” (macho), but “Let me kick the legs out from under you preemptively,” isn’t it? That’s something different from the Push-Push ideal Mo was talking about in her original essay, I think. “Good play” on the part of the PCs can be glossed as “Get Pushed.” It’s a more one-sided macho.


This makes BR go "I see, so you're saying Macho is really manly"
What I did was little boy shit. To be a Macho player you have to be willing to "fight fair" as it were, and let them hit you back as hard as you hit?

This makes JH go "I think that IS what I'm saying, now that you put it that way."

This makes BR go "So macho = functional and good"
Just not for you, right? And little boy/little girl is the dysfunctional twin of the good play?

This makes JR go "Yes. F&G "if you like that sort of thing.""

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