thread: 2006-01-13 : Push and pull aside, co-ownership

On 2006-01-13, Brand Robins wrote:

I like it.

And NO I am not talking about push and pull, at least for one day. Jebus.

I think that the concept would be hard for a lot of immersive “in the head” players to deal with—as you have to build your head as you go. However, for my “from the story” type of play this is a brilliant idea about how to build things through co-ownership.

Many games have already covered the “build the character like you would a character in a very long novel you are writing” angle of things. However, I often like to build the character the way you experience a character through watching a movie. The character is (often) introduced to you here and now, with backstory being done through either flashbacks, confessionals, or explication. So you start with the behaviors, and then build the blocks in around it in the background.

Now, I know a lot of people who already do this in games. What I really dig about this example is that it isn’t just you building your character as you go—it is the group. It puts the audience participation back into the storytelling angle of things, while at the same time destroying the audience/author divide that haunts so much modern storytelling.


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