thread: 2006-01-11 : Two kinds of me

On 2006-01-14, Eric T wrote:

I’ll just throw in, since I was one of those genuinely pissing in that thread…

I had the exact opposite of the first two reactions Lisa describes above.

I was intrigued by the original suggestion that games not based around the one player-one protagonist model could be a trend in the near future.  I like the idea of such games in the first place, and I’d discussed Capes with a friend very recently prior, so I was curious about the discussion and looked through.  (I also liked some of the design ideas thrown out.)

I just found myself annoyed at the attitudes and rhetoric of some posters in the thread - the invocation of the poor, in-denial, narrow-minded average gamer who just doesn’t Get It, and those people coming across as (absurdly) self-congratulatory because they Got It.  Then I got pissier at the suggestion that the fact that I balked at a claim that struck me as specious and useless indicated that I just wasn’t interested in breaking new ground in rules design.

That may have been completely unreasonable of me, or it may have been justified to some extent.  I’m not demanding that anyone explain or excuse themselves…or anything, for that matter.  I’m just clarifying that I didn’t come to piss in the discussion, in case that was unclear.

This all suggests this blog very well might be Not (Meant) For Me.  If so, nothing wrong with that.  Beyond content, every discussion has a social context.  Not everyone fits in every conversation.  If I continue to follow the blog and decide I fit, I’ll make more mutually useful contributions.  If not, it’s moot.

Either way, no more piss from me.


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