thread: 2006-01-11 : Two kinds of me

On 2006-01-15, Vincent wrote:

Eric, based on your crappy posting style so far, I don’t hope that you stick around. “Heh” is bullshit.

Want to change my mind? It’ll be easy. Just articulate yourself, in a way that invites an answer and further discussion as needed, up in Ask a Frequent Question.


This makes GG go "Wow."

This makes TLB go "Cool"
What's not to be impressed by? Vincent has opinions on the people posting in his BLog (as you must have known he would) and he's honest enough to share them. I'm glad of it.

This makes VB go "impressed enough to comment, though?"
If you think I'm being too harsh on poor Eric, GG, Ask a Frequent Question is your recourse too.

This makes gg go "Ok, here's my question."
Why are you such a dick? The guy wrote a fairly reasonable and seemingly apologetic response. You seem like a lot shittier of a human being than I imagined.

This makes EST go "No, not apologetic"
I just put down my grievance and said that it wasn't worth pissing over. We're mutually unimpressed with each other, and it seems reasonable to just leave it at that. Nothing to worry about, GG.

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