thread: 2006-01-13 : Push and pull aside, co-ownership

On 2006-01-17, Dave wrote:

Okay, so I’m late to the thread, and trying to put my head where it needs to be on this. Coupla questions:

- So, Ben frames the scene, but then Ann takes over and narrates, including the narration/application of whatever trait she’s trying to get to deal with the Navy gunship, yes? Or does she have to make something work/win a conflict in the flashback itself to get the trait going for her? If the first, she’s going to have as much co-ownership opportunity when she narrates confronting the lover who proceeds to spurn Ben’s character’s prowess, right? If the second, what if she needs some new traits to win that: do we go into flashback-within-a-flashback?

- Do (you imagine that) Ben’s character gets anything out of Ann’s narration of the rival trait? Or, alternatively, Can he return to the same flashback but show it from his point of view in order to show a trait he got out of it?

- Does Ann give Ben any clues about what trait she’s going for before he frames the scene, other than the fact that they are rivals?  Or does she even know beforehand? Is she planning on getting a certain trait or does she have to make the most of the opportunities given by Ben’s sceneframe to come up with traits that will help her in the coming naval battle?

I know. I KNOW. There’s no game. But I think the questions I’m asking are about the way the co-ownership could work, not just about the non-game in everyone’s heads.


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