thread: 2006-01-19 : Shock: and Conflict Creation

On 2006-01-19, Matt Wilson wrote:

Huh. I been thinkin’ about this too.

The way I’m motivating participation in GAME-IN-DEVELOPMENT is much like what you’re talking about, and I’m glad it doesn’t just sound good on paper.

And: I love it that the title of J’s game has a colon in it.

And to respond to what Lisa says, you only care about narration in PTA, really, if you’re worried that someone else will narrate something you’re not okay with.


This makes LP go "I disagree."
Presumably, I actively do want the narration, and I do care, in that sense, but that doesn't mean I think not getting it = something I'm not okay with happening. I might just think I can do a better job, or I might just want to narrate now. If I'm bidding for narration against a player like Avram, I am not worried that he'll narrate something I'm not okay with.

This makes JZ go "Me too."
Sometimes I'm just like "Oh! Oh! Oh! Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter! I know!"

This makes MSW go "So you must be playing wrong!"

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