thread: 2006-01-19 : Shock: and Conflict Creation

On 2006-01-19, Ninja Monkey J wrote:

Hm. All the minuti?? expenditure was happening before the repurposing of the PvP rules to general CR? Maybe you’re right. Ben’s konked out on my couch right now, but when you wake up, Ben, could you remind me if you were throwing in on Vincent’s last scene? I think you were.

What the crap is so much more fun about the new rules than the old? Why does the tension go up in a way that it didn’t, before? I dunno! I mean, the Antagonist mechanics were designed specifically to reflect the Protagonist. Maybe the issue is that, given the tools in 0.2.1, you couldn’t make a plausible character for opposition. Hm. That’s something to think about.


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