thread: 2006-01-13 : Push and pull aside, co-ownership

On 2006-01-20, Alexander wrote:

Brand’s twist to Vincent’s example happened last night in a Conspiracy of Shadows one-shot game:

Ryan, straight, playing Zygmund, whose wife has just died.
Alexander (me), gay, playing Gregori, his best friend, who (unbeknowst to Ryan or Zygmund, killed the wife).

Ryan spent a destiny point to say that Gregori was having an affair with the dead wife.

This screwed with my head. I knew Gregori had killed her under orders, but he’d been her lover? Ow! No wonder he was hitting the bottle so damn hard he was drowning. It immediately occured to me why the wife wanted her husband’s best friend, and he’d betrayed her (apart from the character’s descriptor “There’s a reason they call me ‘The Blade’”).

Alexander almost immediately spent a destiny point to say that the affair was because Zygmund likes Gregori, not his late wife.

This was almost an awkard moment, but turned out just fine. On one level, having the homo in the room make one of the other player’s character be in big gay love with his character could have been weird. It wasn’t: kudos to Ryan, I think. On another, I think it would have been very different if it was six months into a game, not thirty minutes. We were both getting a handle on pregens and inhabiting the fuckups Keith provided for us, so the shift was easier.

But there was a big old shift for both of us, and it worked just fine.


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