thread: 2006-01-19 : Shock: and Conflict Creation

On 2006-01-22, Andy K wrote:

Sort of an aside, but still I need to know as my gaming group was interested in playing SHOCK this week (I have the 0.2.0 version):

What do the antagonists’ dice actually do?  It’s not clear in the version I have.

The version I have has a play example, where it says the Protagonist rolled 2d10, and the antagonist rolleod 3d4, and the result was “1, 4 and 9”.  I didn’t quite get what was going on there. Can anyone summarize briefly in Marginalia for me? Thx.

BTW: As soon as Josh accepts preorders, I’m all over some SHOCK noise.



This makes NinJ go "Ah. 0.2.0. Those were heady days, filled with optimism and unclear rules."
An edited version of the rules we just used at Dreamation are now available at the above link. You can also get the new player sheets and the same ol' Shock/Issue grid from . Rather than discuss here, my address is "joshua".

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