thread: 2006-01-19 : Shock: and Conflict Creation

On 2006-01-24, Tris wrote:

“As a game designer, you don’t want both of a) the conflict is fully satisfying to everyone whichever way it resolves, and b) the game’s dynamics depend on the uninvolved players participating mechanically. If we construct the stakes of the conflict so that I like both possible outcomes, I’m not motivated to cast in on one side or the other.”

I think I have a game where b) is part of the rules, and a) always emerges in play.

The other players have responsibility for setting some of the consequences in a conflict, then the player of that scene’s central character makes the decision.  It’s always a difficult and meaningful decision, and I’ve not seen or felt that someone was dissatisfied with the outcome, or felt that one choice would be bogus.

What’s going on?


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