thread: 2006-01-26 : A Public Service Announcement

On 2006-01-26, Vincent wrote:

While that’s all true, it’s not really my line of thinking, no.

I’m more about:

If you feel like I’m saying that your favorite thing is actually pretty lame, probably I am saying that your favorite thing is actually pretty lame, but I expect you to respond constructively nonetheless. If you’re participating here, you’re taking that risk.

Crying “stop judging my fun” or any of its variants isn’t responding constructively.


This makes Sben go "Good, if ..."
... "your favorite thing is lame" is also constructive, either as an explicit "and here's why", or implicitly as part of a larger discussion. (Which I assume will be the case, at least from you.)

This makes VB go "no ifs."
Take it or leave it. I don't disagree with your sentiment - I mean, I hope to be constructive, overall, wrt the endeavor - but this is the policy.

This makes Sben go "Fair"
I realized after I posted that it was arrogant to dictate your policy to you, and further that I was missing a subtle point that subsequent posts clarified.

This makes TC go "Okay..."
Hey, as long as we both think those things I put above are true, then I got your back 100% on this. Awesome.

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