thread: 2006-01-26 : A Public Service Announcement

On 2006-01-26, Ninja Monkey J wrote:

Zappa has quality compared to Glass. They’re both excellent musicians in their own realms, and sometimes those realms overlap. There’s interesting discussion to be had there.

... but comparing them to Poison, well, there’s just no comparison. All the baroque doodling and whiny lyrics about fucking groupies in the world won’t get you things of the quality of Glass and Zappa (Glass is a superior composer, in my opinion, though Zappa’s way funnier).

I can also say that, when someone is analyzing a piece of Glass’ music, they will get more out of it than by analyzing something by Poison. There’s more there, the passion is deeper, the thoughts higher, the outcome more beautiful. So the quality of the experience is better, longer lasting, and, dare I say… a higher quality of fun.

So rock on, V.


This makes VB go ">wince<"
While the quality (in theme and participation) of various pieces of various media is, in fact, on topic for my blog, because it illuminates OUR endeavor, nobody take J up on it in this thread, okay?

This makes RE go "bad demon makes me do this"
Don't want nuuuuthin' but a goooood time / How can I resist! (dances) / Don't want noooothin'/ But a gooood time / And it don't get better than this (going to hell now)

This makes MB go "Bad, bad demon."
No biscuit for you, bad demon.

This makes DZ go "Will nobody point out the obvious?"
Poison is more fun than Zappa and Glass combined. As has just now been demonstrated. Maybe "fun" isn't the word you are looking for.

This makes Matt S go "Dance, demon, dance"
Ron, you are my fucking hero. See you soon, I hope, for late night drinking and rock talk.

This makes NinJ go "Yeah, I actually think "fun" is a red herring."
There's something more than frivolous fun I want out of an RPG. An example from stuff I think about a lot is Ghost in the Shell. It's often frustrating, motivations are hazy, and endings are often ambiguous. It's not "fun" the way, say, Cowboy Bebop is (which I love, hence the example), but the experience sits with me for a lot longer than Bebop does. For me, that's what I'm looking for out of an RPG. Note that I love both of these: Cowboy Bebop is extraordinarily well-composed, the music is fantastic, the action's fast and funny, the characters are engaging. But Ghost in the Shell makes me think for days about a story, then I integrate what I've thought about into myself. That's not just "fun". It's "Fun".

This makes DZ go "Thats such a dodge."
Quit claiming fun means something it doesn't. Claiming you have "maximized the fun" simply by redefining the term to mean something other than what it actually means is at best a wild exaggeration. If you want to be all intense and Phillip Glass and dark and "intriguing" thats one thing. If you want pegboys, anal rape induced by Sumerian roach gods, and shooting babies in the head to prove that Mormons can be judgemental.. go right ahead. But quit saying that's the "definition of fun.. or Fun as we like to call it with jargon terms." You know why Poison still pwns Phillip Glass? Because you can dance to it.

This makes TC go "Erg..."
Tangental pet eave of mine: I wish we could find better words than Fun and Story for what's been talked about lately. They are just too inclusive IMHO.

This makes NinJ go "DZ"
Get bent.

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