thread: 2006-01-26 : A Public Service Announcement

On 2006-01-26, John Kim wrote:

That’s pretty good—much more specific and clearer than the starting post to me at least.  I’d suggest you put it up top somewhere along with what you mean by both “participatory” and “thematic”.  I’ve got “participatory”, I think, but I’m not sure about the latter for games which don’t explicitly set out to emulate literary theme.  Is being emotionally powerful sufficient?  Conversely, can something be thematic without being emotional powerful?

Also, just to be clear, presumably you’re not safe either?  That is, do you want comments that disparage the quality of the things you like?  Not that I’m likely to talk about how Dogs players are brain-damaged or anything, but just trying to gauge the tone.  There’s hard-hitting “Yes, hit me to show me where my blind spots and other foibles are, and generally how full of shit I am” versus “Help make the next generation of games”.


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