thread: 2006-01-26 : A Public Service Announcement

On 2006-01-30, Menchi wrote:

This is pretty much going to be my only post here.

It seems to me that you have set yourself a pointless goal. Because you are not objectively seeking to understand fun at all. You have set up your hypothesis and structure in such a way that you can only succeed in agreeing with what you have already stated.

You are not going to make any epiphanies that will help others enjoy their games, you are only going to achieve describing a very subjective description of how to get more thematic play out of a game - if anything - and in doing so only be able to continue supporting your theory while failing to ever consider reality.

That’s a poor form of analysis.

Now if you were more honest you’d say “I find thematic play fun, so I have dedicated this blog to developing ideas and exploring techniques that will build on that.”

Nothing wrong with that - but to assume that your style of play has a higher quality or a more objective quality is a pointless exercise. Because you have deliberately limited yourself and thus prevented yourself from actually learning anything.


This makes SLB go "This is starting to remind me of why I stopped reading the Forge."
Because the signal-to-noise ratio dropped below my level of tolerance.

Why is it that these people have to get the last word? Why can't they just leave quietly? Are they trying to Teach Vincent the Error of His Ways? Do they really expect him to say, "Great Gods, Menchi, don't leave! I'm sorry! I was wrong about everything!"?

This makes JAK go "This is why I will never leave The Forge" Notice how 250 people read that thread, most likely while snorting liquids through their nose, and yet not a single person took a jab at him. No one had to say anything. We all *understood*.

This makes XP go "Some"
people may have written him private messages instead, knowing that anything public would just reward him. We Forge Twicks know all about reward mechanisms!

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