thread: 2006-01-26 : A Public Service Announcement

On 2006-01-30, Brand Robins wrote:

Menchi (and others),

This isn’t an open community, though it sometimes looks like one. It is Vincent’s blog. It is about talking about the kinds of games he wants to play and design. And for that purpouse his definition of fun is the one that matters.

If Vincent were looking for all fun ever, or trying to design and play games to multiple different standards, then there would be a point in exploring “what fun is to different people and how we get to that fun.” But he isn’t. And now he has been very clear that he isn’t, and why he isn’t.

I said pretty much the same thing in the very first post on my own blog: “I will not be nice in this journal. I will make judgemental statements and say that things are “good” or “bad” gaming without qualifying them. By this I do mean “good for me and the kinds of games I want to play and design” and not “good for all games.” I don’t believe there is such a thing as good for all games, the very ideas is stupid. I do, however, believe there is a good for me, and that is what I am going to focus on. That is what I’m going to talk about, and I am not going to talk about other things.”

I really think that the only reason we’re seeing this much shock is because people thought of this place as an open forum for discussing ideas about all types of gaming they thought were good, and are now having to step back and relaize this actually is Vincent’s blog and not speakers corner. That can be disapointing, I know, but it is also the way it is, take it or leave it.

There are still plenty of open forums out there were anyone can talk about their kinds of fun freely.


This makes BR go "Disapointing, but neccisary..."
Because the history of learning teaches us that without specilization at some point, we do not progress as far as if we all stick with generalities.

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