thread: 2006-01-26 : A Public Service Announcement

On 2006-01-31, Tris wrote:

Would you rather use a handsaw to cut a branch off a tree, or a swiss army knife?

A professional waiter style corkscrew to open a bottle, or a swiss army knife?

A pair of scissors to cut shapes out of some cardboard, or a swiss army knife?

At least that’s how I understand it.  The swiss army knife can do each of these things to some extent, but a more focussed tool does a better job.  So it’s better to have a toolkit of ten different tools than it is to have either a really big multi-tool, or hundreds of different woodsaws.  That way you can choose the tool that lets you do what you want to do most effectively.


This makes AJF go "Good stuff!"

This makes Judd go "But.."
But the Swiss Army Knife's Actual Play makes me want to take out the corkscrew and gauge out my eyes.

This makes VB go "the "Swiss Army Knife" is PTA."
GURPS is an old pillowcase. Use it to cover a pillow, sop up spilled milk, tear it into strips for a rag rug - it doesn't do anything a Swiss Army Knife can do.

This makes Judd go "PTA = Love"

This makes VB go "I should say..."
I don't know Tris' original intent. But GURPS vs. The Mountain Witch (eg) isn't Swiss Army Knife vs. handsaw, it's old pillowcase vs. handsaw. When it comes to thematic play, GURPS (eg) isn't even a tool.

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